Frequently Asked Questions

01.What is ClixFarm and how does it work? is a free worldwide service offering earning in an innovative way to its members.It service consists of allowing members to earn money through simple but profitable farming method, paid to click advertisement and games.

ClixFarm sells advertising and share 100% of its revenue with its members.

02.How Can I earn money with ClixFarm?

As a member you can generate a monthly residual income through our site. Purchase hens and each hen will lay 120 eggs. sell eggs and cash out instantly. View daily advertisement, play games and earn money. no restriction no limits! Refer and earn 10% unlimited commissions.

03.When and how will I get paid?

You can make a cash out request once your account balance reaches to the minimum payment amount of $2 for the 1st request, $8 for the 2nd request ,$10 for the 3rd request then $10 for every request. Cashout request are verified manually and processed within 48 hours of your request time-usually much faster than that. Note that $1 needs to deposit to make first withdraw request.This is for first request only after which there is no further requirements.

04.I have made a withdraw request but didn't get paid?

If your withdrawal is not processed within 12 hours then there is circumstances like processor problem, lack of balance in your requested processor type or problem like technical or other.we must notify in news section if such condition arise. In such circumstances you are cordially request to wait.Once you make a payment request it is our headache to process it quickly and you will be paid accordingly.

05.Is their any fee on withdrawal?

Cashout request have some fees based on the payment processor.Normally it is the percent of fixed amount that payment processor charged during we paid at deposit time or will have to give at the cashout.

06.What are hens? Are they real?

Hens is an strategic term that we use and they are not real rather virtual.This is similar to renting referrals.But these are active 100% and doesn't have any upgradation or other.Each hen will lay straight 120 eggs for you.By selling them you can cashout your money instantly!

07.My hens Have not layed eggs today and did not get commission from my direct referrals too?

You need to surf 4 Ads in previous day to lay your hens today and also to get commission from your direct referrals.Note that, Eggs will be credited after you logged in to your account the next day of your add visits.Say, you have visited 4 ads yesterday, now you need to log-in today for your eggs to be credited to your account.If you don't log in today then it will be missed.Be active everyday if you don't have a vacation mode enabled.

08.How much money can I make?

We can not determine how much money you can make with us.Normally it depends on how many click you make, how many referrals you have and how many hens you have purchased. More click, more referrals and more hens means more money you will make

Below Example shows-how much an ultimate user can make only farming with us

Each hen Cost is $1 and each hen will lay 120 eggs for you

Sell value of 120 eggs is 120x$.010=$1.20=$0.20 profit/per hen

Now say, you have 3000 Hens-so your profit will be 3000x$0.20=$600

Above example shows how much you can make only doing farming with us.Now if you have more referrals, daily advertising clicks-then you can make even more. However-farming capacity depends on membership type

09.Can I sell my eggs Instantly?

Yes, you can sell your eggs instantly

10.Is Farming an Investment or phyramid scheme?

No this is not any sort of investment or phyramid scheme.Investment or phyramid scheme program like hyip, matrix etc normally depends on new investment always without having any advertising or income scheme.Our site is basically a ptc advertising site having games and membership programs.We basically share income from game profit, real advertising and membership sells. And we are not asking any money from you.You can join our site for free-with 2 free hens as joining bonus, earn from other available income methods we offer and casout your earned money instantly.Thats simple! and no scam!

11.Is their any limit on how much i can earn or any risk involved?

No there is no limit or risk with us. We have plan, feature and professional set up to become as successful as like neobux and clixsense. You can join with us peace of mind, observe how much time and money we already invested to customize and make everything professional to be successful.And this is definitely not for a short term goal like scammers do.Join and try us free- As you will receive your first withdrawal you will start to love us.

12.I am not seeing any Payment proof page?

We are not using it as we think this is a very cheap strategy to fool user.As this is nothing hard to make some fake payment statement and display those in the site.You can judge it yourself as the time go.You can use this forum to get real user reviews and also put yours

13.Can I have more than One Account?

No, To protect the integrity of the advertising system only one account per household or IP is permitted. This is strictly enforced.But you can access your account from different location

14.I want to advertise my site

You are in the right place to advertise your site in a very cheap price.At ClixFarm you will get what you pay for.We use strong anti-cheat protection to deliver you always real human view.We never count click from hackers or any bot.You can Advertise by demographic filter, targetting available membership type.Details statistics for each advertising type is also available.

15.Which site I can advertise with you?

We accept all types of advertisements, except for websites that break out of the ad frame, sites that do not display in the ad frame (such as youtube, google, facebook links), adult content, gambling, interest/usury, illegal content, hate, racism, drugs, and alcohol.

16.I have added an Advertising but it is not approved yet

We review each advertising manually before they are live on our site.Please wait some time.It will be published asap

17.What will happen if my site is slow and doesn't load?

Our timer will wait upto 3 seconds till your site loads.If your site doesn't load then timer will start counting after this time.It is your responsibility to ensure that your site loads properly.

18.I have received an email from ClixFarm that is asking to make payment?

This is spam.We will never send you any email regarding making payment or seeking your payment info.Avoid this type of spamming and don't click any link given in this type of email.This is phishing email.Clicking on such type of link will steal your valuable info.

19.Why are only some or no add to click?

Adds depend on advertisers.If there is no advertisers then there will be no add to click.Again some advertisings are targetted if you are not in the targetted geographical area then that add will not be available to you also.But ads are added throughout the day.If you don't see any now, there may be some later

20.Is their any Maximum limit on add click?

No, there is no such limit.You can click unlimited and earn unlimited throughout the day

21.Can I loose money playing game?

Yes, Games are unpredictable and you can win or loose money playing game.We suggest always take minimum risk and not to play if you can not afford to loose.

22.I don't see any task or offer section

Currently task and offer section not available.We are trying to add them asap.Hope this will be available soon.

23.When will I receive my two free hens?

Your free hens will be credited instantly to your account after surfing your first 10 Ads.If you haven't received your free hens even after surfing 10 Ads then pls contact us.

24.When will I receive my referral sign up $0.10 Cash Bonus ?

Referral signup cash bonus is credited to your account once your referral makes 100 clicks or more But this process is not automated.Bonus will be credited to your account within 30 days upon verfication.And your referral person should be active.Pls note that inactive referrals won't be eligeable for cash commission and don't make any fake referrals to spam the system.You won't be paid rather your account will be terminated as per our Anti Spam policy.

Pre-Signup FAQS

25.How do I get started?

Click here to complete our sign-up form, then wait for the confirmation email. Click the link in the message, then activate your account and log in to start earning or advertising.

26.I have signed up an Account But Did not receive My Account Activation link

Pls Check your SPAM Folder too.If It is not in both Inbox or SPAM Folder then Pls Request it again Going to This link

27.My Activation Link Gives Error Like "Username or Activation ID is incorrect"

Pls Sign up Again Refreshing your Browser cache, cookies etc and check if your IP Address is changing frequently.Try with a Different Fresh Browser or Restarting your PC. Avoid VPN, TOR Browser etc.

28.I am getting Error "Sorry IP is used by other member"

That means, Another user has already registered using your current IP Address and we only accept one user per IP Address.