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Scam Warning!

Dear user, some user are tyring to scam using auto-bot clicker script and self referring. we are warning against such activity. Once your account has been blocked or suspended then it will not be reversible. Stay honest with us.

Published on 29 Sep 2019

Referral Bonus !

Dear user, we have decided to award referral bonus after credited 100 clicks from your referral instead of previous 200 clicks and Bonus will be $0.10 per referral for every membership level. Refer us more! Grow your team and enjoy earnings with us.

Warning Message !

Dear user, Some users are trying to scam our system by Bot clicking or others. Pls note that your account will be automatically blocked from payments if you do such activities and account will be automatically suspended at certain level. If your account is blocked from payments or suspended then pls don't tell us that we have not warned you !

Published on 16 August 2019

Update to Free Hens Assign Problem

Dear user,Users who have not received Free hens due to Technical error happened, has been assigned Free hens accordingly to their account and all the assigned hens will have a Fresh 120 days validity from Today.So if any of you have missed any egg then that will be covered.We extremely appologize for this unexpectd scenerio! However, from now on we will look into the matter carefully and If Free hens not credited to your account even after surfing 10 ads then we request to wait as we will add it in maximum 12 hours time.If it is not credited within 12 hours then Pls open a support ticket regarding this issue.Thanks for your co-operation.

Published on 23 Dec 2018

Important Notice

Dear user, Some user did not receive their free hens even after surfing 10 required adds due to some technical issue! We apologize for this incident and will assign the hens in a short time.Pls note that it may require some time for us.And if you have not received the hens you are requested to open a support ticket regarding this issue.Thanks for staying with us.

Published on 23 Dec 2018

Discount Offer

Dear user, we are very much glad to announce an special Discount on Account Upgrade.
Upgrade to Pro at a Dicount price of $65 $48 and Ultimate to $120 $95
Upgade today! increase your earning limits and enjoy!

Published on 12 Dec 2018

Welcome to

Welcome to brand new site that allow members to earn money through simple but profitable farming method, paid to click advertisement and games. As a member you can generate a monthly residual income through our site. Purchase hens and each hen will lay 120 eggs. sell eggs and cash out!. View daily advertisement, play games and earn money. no restriction no limits! Refer and earn 10% unlimited commissions.

Published on 1 Dec 2018